About us
Móbila has created a new Real Estate services concept
Since 2016, Móbila offers a different real estate experience. Technology, fluid communication and focused on what is most important: our clients.
Our Founder

Cecilia Pedrouzo, is a Lawyer from the University of Buenos Aires and Real Estate Advisor, with an experience of more than 10 years in the real estate sector. She graduated as a lawyer in 2001 and having worked more than 11 years in Business Law, she began her steps in Real Estate at the request of her clients who made investments in real estate, since she assisted them with the signing of contracts and He advised them on the sale and purchase of properties until the moment of the deed. In 2011, she opened her Real Estate agency in Buenos Aires, joining the College of Auctioneers and Public Brokers of San Isidro (CMCPSI) as API.

Gallegos's granddaughter, and being passionate about travel and Spain, its culture and its people, she settled in Barcelona in 2020. She is fond of mountain walks, languages (she speaks English and French fluently), music and constant training in personal and professional development.

The quality that characterizes her is that she continues to learn and update herself to maintain a high standard in her advice, focusing on the needs of her clients, thus generating unique experiences, loyalty and great satisfaction at a personal and professional level. Her inspirational phrase is "The best cover letter is the recommendation of a satisfied customer."